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A final message from Diner Dash on Facebook

Dear loyal Dash Fans, we want to give you a big Thank You for playing Diner Dash on Facebook.  We hope you had as much fun as we did in developing this game!   We wish to announce that we will be taking the game offline on 8/29/11. We are taking it offline as the game is no longer performing at a level that can be supported.

What does this mean?

This means that as of August 29, we will be taking Diner Dash on Facebook offline, and it will no longer be available for play on Facebook. The game is no longer performing at a level that it can continue to be supported, which has prompted us to make this difficult decision.

Who will be affected?

Only players of Diner Dash on Facebook will be affected. All other titles of Downloadable or iPlatform versions of Diner Dash will not be affected and will continue to be available for purchase on our web site and via the Apple store. 

What will happen to the Energy that has been earned or purchased?

No other Facebook game uses Energy, therefore, you would need to use it by August 29, 2011.

Our gift of appreciation to you…

We realize this may be upsetting news and we know how much you love Diner Dash, so we’ve packaged up a special offer for Diner Dash on Facebook players only:Get Diner Dash for your PC or Mac for 50% Off. Use the code dinerdash50 upon check out.  Hurry this special offer expires at midnight PST on 9/1/2011.

What will happen to the Diner Dash on Facebook Blog, and forums?

The blog and forums will remain in existence for a few weeks, and we will field your questions and concerns through the Support link on our website. We do thank you for playing Diner Dash for Facebook, and hope you have enjoyed your time with us!

Love Diner Dash? 

Play Diner Dash on your iPhone or iPod touch:



Play Diner Dash on your Mac or PC:


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